19th Armored Infantry Battalion

Faithful and Bold!

19th Armored Infantry Battalion History

19th Armored Infantry Battalion Photos

SGT Persak's Squad: Corporal Gerald Brunner, Archie Spring Driver, Dave Penn, Elmer Rock, Hormanski, Solis, Johnson, Thomas, Miller, Dambro

SGT Persak, Johnson, Penn, Thomas and Hormanski

Thomas, Penn and Johnson

American Mode of the British 57mm Anti-Tank gun

Thomas, Dambro, Johnson, Solis, Spring, Hormanski and Penn

Penn, Johnson, Solis, Thomas and Persak

Miller, Thomas, Penn and Mullen

Spring, Dambro, Solis, Johnson and Penn: Ready to pass the ammunition

Hormanski, Thomas, Spring, Johnson, Persak and Penn

Persak and Penn


Hormanski, Johnson and Penn

19th AIB

PVT John Viti KIA 27 FEB 1945

19th AIB

19th AIB

19th AIB

19th AIB

19th AIB

19th AIB

19th AIB

19th AIB

19th AIB

19th AIB

19th Armored Infantry Battalion Documents

Drive to the Danube

14th Armored Division

Anti-Tank squad

19th AIB with support from the 47th TB conducts mopping up operations in Gemersheim, including the old fortress.

Chow time

19th AIB Battalion Crest

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